Sunday, June 17, 2012

Boiling Crabs, Los Angeles

Food Review: Boiling Crabs, Los Angeles

it comes with a bib! how cute!

I didn’t know what the fuss is all about, so our friend treated us there. A view from the street would tell us this restaurant must be pretty good, considering the line it gets. And because of that, our host had a secret tactic. Order on the phone for to-go, and eat it on the cafe just opposite of the restaurant. (that explains why our food are in styros and big cellophane).

The shrimps we ordered were “mildly spicy”, but when eaten it’s really really spicy beyond comprehension, and I loved it! The fried sweet potato were really sweet and yummy too. The spicy corn was too wet to eat (dripping with hot sauce) and the sauce was drenched into the core of the corn. It was messy to eat but I can still taste the sweetness of the corn.

Overall, what made me enjoy the meal was the experience of bonding with friends, with the notion of eating it like we were home. :)

I suggest when you go to Los Angeles, don’t miss eating by Boiling Crabs. :)

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